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Transfer iron on designs paper is to have two kinds: Inkjet transfer paper and laser transfer paper.

Ink jet printing paper divided light transfer and dark transfer paper, light colored transfer can be printed in white and light yellow T-shirt, dark transfer paper all color T-shirt can be printed.

Laser transfer paper currently only light T-shirt transfer paper printing surface all have a layer of colloid, the pattern is printed at the top, then use the high temperature and pressure to the melt the glue stick to blank T-shirt transfer paper, made T-shirt color is bright, the level of rich,custom iron on transfers good hand feeling, and cool (dark transfer paper is not breathable). Transfer ink can not be directly transferred to the cotton T-shirt, but cotton might. Made with transfer ink direct transfer of polyester cotton clothes, pattern also is very bright, but did not feel, because transfer ink directly penetrate into the fabric, this pattern than the transfer paper made pattern wash, it should be said that a point also not fade. Because the cotton T-shirt wearing no cotton comfortable, so few people use. Transfer ink cannot be used in a dark t-shirt.

From a cost perspective, transfer ink than the transfer paper is much cheaper! Light colored transfer paper to 5.5 A, dark to a 11 yuan, while the transfer ink can be printed directly in the ordinary inkjet paper, so the cost is small. Because of the limitation of it, therefore, generally used in printed shirt number and work clothes and so on polyester hot tear: lift up the pressure press machine rod,iron on transfers immediately off the end of the paper, by any domestic direct pressure type heat transfer machine stamping American painting need tore temperature. Tore cold: pressure rod, lifting the press machine to be hot, remove the clothing, after cooling off the end of the paper. Two reinforcement: in order to make the transfer to keep the clothes, at the end of the paper tore off the hot paper, paper with lettering at the end of the paper covers the whole picture in picture, thin clothes must two reinforcement. Color: picks the clothes in the customer, must be timely to remind the customer transfer pattern and color of clothes don't color similar or identical, to contrast the bigger, the effect of machining will be good. The United States is hot, temperature tear, tear fast pattern not to slow down, and, therefore, appears to be simple, it is not so easy. No exaggeration to say that each hot, have their own characteristics, to do more than his master.